Latest Podcast: Our special bond with Shoreham FC is rekindled

Contributors: Mark, Anna, Mike, Chris and Stuart

They were founded in 1892, play their home games in blue, and their away games in red, and have a loyal fan base that love the club. We could be talking about Hertha BSC, but we are actually referring to Shoreham FC – ‘the Musselmen’.

This south coast club from a small town near Brighton won the hearts of the Hertha faithful on a chance day out a few years ago.

Hertha BSC UK and Hertha Unser members enjoying the post-match celebrations at Shoreham FC

Podcast 2 part 1

Earlier this week Chris, Mark and Jezza met up to record the second Hertha BSC UK podcast.

Listen to it here: Podcast one is still available on the right hand side of the same website, which opens in a new page.

Part 2 will follow later this week.

Ha Ho He!

The Hertha BSC UK team